Training Facility Review – West Country Assault Course

Based in the stunning surroundings of Bradley Stoke, just north of Bristol alongside an established Triathlon training centre, lies the West Country Assault Course, a new venue dedicated to obstacle-race preparation and functional, military fitness.

Weekly Workout – Climb To The Top

This weekly workout is designed to build your leg strength and ability to climb hills! Here’s Your Workout: 10mins – Warm up at an easy running pace 6mins – Run at a quicker pace (close to your personal best running…

Our Weekly Workout

Here’s a full body workout to burn those mince pies and get you ready for Christmas! Weekly Workout 1 Minute Plank 2 minute wall sit 3 sets of 10 pushups (30 seconds rest in between) (9 calories) 40 Mountain Climbs…

Run Your Fastest Mile

Time to get your speed game on and test your best mile score in this week’s all out running workout.

Death By Burpee Workout

An against the clock burpee workout to give you an all body blast!

Crura Workout

Can you spare 30 minutes this week? Plan this workout into your week to build on leg strength and boost your overall fitness.

Scala Workout

A fun quick workout to test the whole body that can be completed with no equipment. Don’t forget to log your time!

Cindy Workout

Workout of the Day – “Cindy” As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min: 1 Round: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats Finished? How many rounds did you make? Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Aeolus Legs Workout

3 rounds to fire the legs, build muscle and burn fat fast! Set the stopwatch and record your time on the leaderboard.

Erebus Darkness Workout

A dark and painful workout that will lead you to darkness! Post your scores to our Facebook page and share with friends. Good luck!

The 30 Day Plank Starts In February!

February is all about planking! Follow this plan every day to plank for 5 minutes! Join us in the  forum here  to chat about your progress! Post by

The Spartan 300 Workout

Are you as tough as a Spartan? Give this workout a go and get Spartan strong. Warning this will hurt!

5 Time Saving All Body Workouts

A Great Muddy Run Workout by Liam Britton

5 things you must do to be good at Obstacle Races

Obstacle Race Training Series Pt 4 – Burpees

So you have signed up for an obstacle course race and now you are wondering what exactly you have gotten yourself into. Wall climbs, mud, water hazards or maybe fire; what were you thinking? Well there is no turning back now, so you’d better start to assemble your obstacle race training program to get yourself in tip top shape. But before you do, I suggest you do one thing. Become very, very familiar with one exercise…

Obstacle Race Training Series Pt 3 – Kettlebells

If you are not using kettlebells as part of your obstacle race training program you are missing out! Strength training for an obstacle course race should not be confined to power lifting or circuit training alone. Joe from Race Day Domination takes us through a workout.

Obstacle Race Training Series Pt 2 – Running

Even if you are not a “runner” you will still need to include run workouts into your obstacle race training program. However, depending on the length of your race, you might not need to log 10 mile runs or pound out 90 minutes on the trail to improve your stamina, endurance, or calorie burn.

Obstacle Race Training Pt 1 – Quick Workout

When designing your obstacle race training program, it is not enough to just run or just lift. To fully prepare yourself for race day, try training multiple energy systems and muscles in one workout. Race Day Domination provide us with a quick workout.

How do you compare to a Paratrooper?

So how fit are you and how do you compare to the fittest of the Armed Forces? Complete the Para Fitness test and see if you are a Civilian, Recruit, Soldier or Paratrooper standard!