Training Facility Review – West Country Assault Course

Based in the stunning surroundings of Bradley Stoke, just north of Bristol alongside an established Triathlon training centre, lies the West Country Assault Course, a new venue dedicated to obstacle-race preparation and functional, military fitness.

How To Beat The 3 Hardest Obstacles

Some events keep on putting in those obstacles that we just can’t seem to complete. Phil Smith has decided that there are 3 that are the hardest to do without a proper technique, so he’s filled us in on how to properly execute them. With a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Bear Grylls’ 6 Tips To Surviving An Obstacle Race

When tackling an obstacle course you’re going to want to be prepared, check out 6 tips from the survival expert..

How To Beat Toughest’s Obstacles By World Champion Jon Albon

At Toughest you’ll find some of the most technically challenging obstacles but how does an Obstacle Race World Champion do them? We ask Jon Albon to run us through the main techniques.

Weekly Workout – Climb To The Top

This weekly workout is designed to build your leg strength and ability to climb hills! Here’s Your Workout: 10mins – Warm up at an easy running pace 6mins – Run at a quicker pace (close to your personal best running…

Our Weekly Workout

Here’s a full body workout to burn those mince pies and get you ready for Christmas! Weekly Workout 1 Minute Plank 2 minute wall sit 3 sets of 10 pushups (30 seconds rest in between) (9 calories) 40 Mountain Climbs…

Run Your Fastest Mile

Time to get your speed game on and test your best mile score in this week’s all out running workout.

Death By Burpee Workout

An against the clock burpee workout to give you an all body blast!

Crura Workout

Can you spare 30 minutes this week? Plan this workout into your week to build on leg strength and boost your overall fitness.

Scala Workout

A fun quick workout to test the whole body that can be completed with no equipment. Don’t forget to log your time!

Cindy Workout

Workout of the Day – “Cindy” As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min: 1 Round: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats Finished? How many rounds did you make? Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

5 Ways To Improve Strength And Running Together

The World’s greatest athlete is often mentioned to be strong, run fast and also be able to run far. Traditionally sports focus on one or the other, but increasingly modern sports look for the overall package so how can you train to do both? Scientists have found a way.

Aeolus Legs Workout

3 rounds to fire the legs, build muscle and burn fat fast! Set the stopwatch and record your time on the leaderboard.

Erebus Darkness Workout

A dark and painful workout that will lead you to darkness! Post your scores to our Facebook page and share with friends. Good luck!

How To Throw The Spartan Spear – Video Tutorial

Avoid burpees and hit the target first time with this Spear Throw tutorial from Michael Cohen at Wild Forest Gym!

How to… Do The Monkey Bars Video

The archenemy of many, the monkey bars provide so much fun but can often be difficult to conquer. Monkey bars are all about relative strength to your body weight and having some technique. Some are harder than others – but…

Running Guide Part 2 – Going Through The Gears

What does your training routine look like? Most inexperienced runners tend to keep it simple, doing a couple of runs a week at roughly the same pace. That’s great to start with but will only take you so far. We…

Running Guide Part 1 – 6 Running Tips For Beginners

Running can be hard but make sure you’re doing it the right way with these essential tips to getting started.

In preparation: a beginner’s journey through OCR

In training for my first OCR!

5 Moves To Get Better At Jumping Walls

Here’s five essential workouts that will stop you from being the one that gets pushed over to the one that does the pushing.