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Top 10 Best Obstacle Races

Want to know where to start when looking for your next race? Read our top list of muddy races!

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Thoughts You Have Before Your First Obstacle Race

What goes through your mind before the big day?

The Biggest Obstacle Race Mistakes

Are you making mistakes that could be easily rectified? Read on for those tops tips that could spare you a blister or two.

10 Things You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

Everyone is a beginner at some point and you have a whole raft of questions you will just be bursting to ask. However, there are always some questions you are too shy to ask. Well, fear not! Here is a…

Beginners Guide and FAQs for Obstacle Races

1. Can I do an event on my own? Yes you most definitely can. It might be easier with a friend or two to get over some obstacles if you’re not particularly strong but chances are there will be marshals…

Top Obstacle Races for Beginners

Looking for your first obstacle race? These are top beginners events as suggested by our Facebook followers plus have been tried and tested by us. These have been picked because they offer a shorter 5km option with┬áthe obstacles are a…

Beginners 4 week Training Plan

Essential Obstacle Racing Gear

Obstacle races don’t require much kit but the right shoes will stop you from slipping and the right clothes will help you get round without carrying a shed load of mud and water with you.