In preparation: a beginner’s journey through OCR

In training for my first OCR!

62 Fitness Goals & New Year Resolutions for 2015

Need some help with a New Year Resolution? Or want a new fitness target? Improving in sport is all about goals and targets; you won’t get better without them that’s for sure so we’ve put together a list of some…

How To Think Like An Athlete To Improve

Being an elite athlete involves the rare combination of talent, hard work and a strong psychological profile. Sports psychology is filtering down from the elite to the masses and can have a great impact on your muddy race performance. We’d…

How To Train For Ninja Warrior & Conquer Obstacles

I have always been a fan of Ninja Warrior, the Japanese extreme obstacle race show, and have loved watching it on Challenge TV since the first episode I saw years ago. We chat to Ben and Aslan from Ninja Warrior…

Training when there’s no mud

Training for an obstacle course race is a key factor in achieving a personal best time, or even in finishing a course. However, when you live and or work in a city or urban area, it may seem difficult to…

Obstacle Race and Mud Run Hill Running Tips

Any Obstacle Race or Trail Run that’s worth doing will have some hills thrown in somewhere along the course so it’s always good to have a plan on how to attack these hills. We wanted an expert on hills to…

6 Mo Farah Moves to Make You A Better Runner

How the top pros train can often be difficult to find out but we came across an article from Mo Farah’s strength and conditioning coach, David McHenry, at the Oregon Project where he listed the exercises used to improve strength for the Olympic…

Top Supplements for Endurance Athletes

Spartan Race Training Camp – You and Your Log

Training for Tough Mudder Monkey Bars

Find out how you can improve at the Tough Mudder monkey bars with some simple techniques.

5 things you must do to be good at Obstacle Races

How do you compare to a Paratrooper?

So how fit are you and how do you compare to the fittest of the Armed Forces? Complete the Para Fitness test and see if you are a Civilian, Recruit, Soldier or Paratrooper standard!

Outdoor Fitness Trails in the UK

Outdoor fitness trails are great ways to train for obstacle races and perfect to spice up a run. We know there must be lots out there but these are the trails we could find, please let us know if there is one near you so we can add to the list.

10 things you need to improve your training today

We all need a little help from time to time and some small changes to our training can really make a big difference.

Obstacle Course Racing Tips

Completing obstacle courses requires not only some running experience but also some muscle conditioning to help you get through. Here are some excercises to help you get started.