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Here’s a list of all the goings on in the Muddy Race community including meet ups, trail runs, virtual runs and everything else!

UK OCR Championship Review – David Haw

The morning of the UK OCR championships dawned on many a racer this past weekend, waking up to a blue but bitterly cold sky, Pippingford park awaited us. The atmosphere was what you’d expect from an event of this calibre…

OCR World Championship Review 2016 – David Haw

The weekend of October 15th-16th in the OCR world revolved around one thing, the OCR world championships out in Canada in the Blue Mountains. the prospect of a few hills were definitely on everyones mind and after actually picking up…

Muscle Acre 2016 Summer Review

Muscle Acre based in Wood Street Village just 15 minutes to the West of Guildford is pitched as a fun but challenging 5 or 10k event. Organised by Race Director Kev Lomas who spent nine years in the Royal Marine Commandoes before becoming a Fire Brigade PTI and later operations director with BMF – with a CV like that you know you are in for a challenge.

7 Reasons Why You Are Getting Value For Money In Your Obstacle Course Race

Any body know where I can get a discount code? – we’ve all heard it and at one point probably said it, I know I have! So when we go to pay for an event, what are we really paying for and are we getting our money worth?

We’ve looked at many different events and here are some of the reasons why we say YES you do get your money worth!

Man vs Lakes Review – Brutal And Beautiful

Rat Race added a new event in their ever-expanding calendar, Man v Lakes. Promising to be the toughest marathon-distance adventure race in the country, over 800 people jumped at the chance to tackle this new challenge.

7 Signs That You Need New Running Shoes

We’ve noticed a lot of people are unsure on what to look for when it comes to shoe replacement. Some reasons are obvious, some you may have thought of, some you’d be surprised at! Tag your friend that needs a new pair!

What Welsh Football Players Make Up Your OCR Team?

After watching the Welsh National side over the past few weeks, we’ve realised a few of them represent our Race Day Stereotypes very well. Which player are you? Tag your stereo-typical team!

Pain & Suffering Review – 10 Miles And More

A hot sticky weekend at Rockingham Castle, may sound like a euphemism, but I can assure you, The Suffering team have something very different in their minds! Personally I have attended The Suffering races three times. I love the challenge,…

The Emotions Of Obstacle Racing Part 2

Completing events often means we have conquered fears, trained hard or just had fun along the way, often leaving us with a story or two to tell about our journey, how we got there and what we’ve been through. We asked you for your stories and you delivered…

Muddy man OCR

Thoughts You Have Before Your First Obstacle Race

What goes through your mind before the big day?

Dirty Dozen Races London South Review 2016

This year’s season opener for Dirty Dozen was in the new venue of Hole Park in Kent, changed late last year from the previous home at Hop Farm. Doug the Beard promised new obstacles alongside the new venue.

Nuclear Races Rush Review

If the level of mud is an indicator of a good race, then Nuclear Rush would have to score top marks!

The Emotions Of Obstacle Racing Part 1

We’ve all got a story or two to tell about our fitness journey, how we got there and what we’ve been through. Completing events often means we have conquered fears, trained hard or just had fun along the way. We asked you for your stories…

Mud Monsters Set For Return

This weekend (29th May) sees the return of Mud Monsters Run just to the South east of East Grinstead and just 20 minutes from the M25. Located on the permanent 4×4 Mud Monster off road vehicle course the deeply rutted…

Muddy Race Winner Reviews Zombie Race ‘Spook Special’

Being one of those people who rarely wins things I was happily surprised to get a free place for me and a friend to DeadDrop fitness’ latest event Spook Special.

Spartan Beast 2015 Review – Taming The Beast

This is my first race review for Muddy Race. I thought this was a good race to start with as I decided not to “race” this event but instead go back to the roots of what pulled me into the sport in the first place.

Elite Offroad Challenge Review – Holland

Elite Off-Road Challenge is one of the few non-commercial obstacle runs in Holland. There were lots of things to climb and a few quite hairy drops, the sort of things I know people would complain about health and safety in the UK, this event was certainly a challenge!

September Green Burpee Challenge – Do 30 Burpees On Camera!

September is the end of the Spartan Race season, and we know many of you will be completing one. And with this comes a chance that you might have to complete 30 burpees upon failing an obstacle. Not that we…

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