The Winter Nuts Challenge – Dorking: 7-28km

Dorking, Surrey, RH5 4RP

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

About this event

The Nuts Challenge is run over a 7k obstacle course, with multiple laps available to those who want to increase their challenge to 14k, 21k or 28k.

Based at Dorking all year round with over 60 obstacles including, several cargo net climbs, fences, gates, walls, pole slide, rope swing, barbed wire crawl, log balance, tyre wall, jump through tyres, rope wall, swamps, water slide and lots of tunnels.

Our lake section has two very unique pontoon crossings. Our venue is used for lots of TV ads and prime time shows.

Essential Information

Start Time 10am
Chip Timing
Min Age 18

How To Enter This Event

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5 reviews for “The Winter Nuts Challenge – Dorking: 7-28km

  1. Possibly the hardest, most challenging race the UK has to offer!…..
    A roughly 7k course with a choice of 1,2,3 or 4 laps available to race!…. Easy right?
    I ran 4 laps of the winter event and it was nothing short of brutal, and awesome at the same time! An obstacle laden course with mud and water a plenty, has everyone laughing, cheering and having fun on lap 1, as the rope swings, crawls, jumps, walls etc are so much fun…. Relentless fun, in fact, with very little running in between!
    This is where the challenge lies!!…. After negotiating obstacle after obstacle, and being soaking wet and covered in mud…. You see the 2k mark and reality hits!
    This is going to be a long, challenging race!
    The awesome water slide on lap 1, becomes the epitome of evil by lap 4…. If you make it that far!
    Having a race plan is absolutely necessary for Nuts, such as clothing changes and key nutrition plans during the transition area at the end of each lap… Get this wrong and your race could be over!
    One of the hardest races I’ve done and one of my proudest achievements to say I completed 4 laps of winter Nuts and it’s something that everyone should have a go at!!

  2. Mud








    So this was my first nuts.. and brutal would be my first comment. Ignoring all the issues before the race in regards to insurance and transfer of names etc. It was an amazing and challenging race for me.

    I was on the Saturday 10am wave. Down to do 2 laps. As we wait on the start line with a big Scottish guy in a kilt warming us up.. it’s start snowing! I think this sets the scene for which can only be described as a cold day lay ahead!

    Starting well, considering I hadn’t trained in a few weeks due to illness. First time my feet in the water in the first of many trenches it was shockingly cold! But luckily enough the actually outside the water I didn’t feel cold at all. It even started to brighten up at one point.. sun?! There were many obstacles and a lot of mud! Trenches, tyres, rivers, cargo nets, more tyres, hills, slides, more hills, sand bags…. the list could go on and on (but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t done it).

    It was challenging to say the least. I saw people bailing out left, right and center but I was determined to at least finish one lap!

    I did finish my one lap.. I clocked up 9k for a 7k lap and was proud of myself. Considering the conditions and the lack of training my end, I finished a lap and received my medal!

    The changing rooms afterwards were a bit of a squash but as long as you get changed quickly there were no issues. I went straight back to my car to get the heater on to warm up and head home. Little did I know the car park field had become increasingly muddy (looked like park of the course!) And I had to wait my turn to be pushed out.

    I must say my final comments that the marshals were absolutely incredible all day. Even had smiles on there faces and encouraging and supportive all day. I think the race was a true representative of ocr family spirit as not one person was rude and even those racing helped me a few times during the day.

    I’ll be back to conquer to do 2 laps… but maybe I’ll try the summer nuts next time! Well done all!

  3. If any race is going to teach you something about yourself, this is it. Personally I found this to be one of the best courses and selection of obstacles I have run on, and I’m sure that I am not alone in that sentiment. The spacing between each and the difficulty of them all came together in such a great way to make this such an energy-draining course to run on.

    Unfortunately for me, the cold got the best of me not long into my second lap. I had already passed more than one person sat in ball on the side of the course or being taken away wrapped in foil blankets, and as I felt my body was responding less to what I wanted it to do and the cold wind hitting my wet clothes everything was becoming more of a struggle. It will be a personal battle with the cold!

    I have been victim to hypothermia before so am aware of what a miserable feeling it is and what it can take out of you, so after an awkward tumble into a ditch that left me submerged in shin-high water I knew that the upcoming river would finish me off. Read Keith’s full story here.

  4. For Saturday’s first lap we still had some grass and the racers were evenly spaced out with not too much bunching at obstacles. There was quite a bit of queuing at some of the walls and cargo nets on the second lap but all the racers who tried got over and in true Obstacle Race style everyone was helping those who were initially overawed.

    The inflatables nearly did me in on both laps and I was glad to be back on what counted as dry land for the loop back round the lake. 2 laps was my limit and I salute everyone who ran let alone those who managed more than 2 laps.

    This was a fantastic course in ideal conditions on Saturday.

  5. Think multiple laps of a 7km course with loads of obstacles! Nuts is all about mud and water – you are barely ever out of it! Wear lots of neoprene (socks, vest and hat) with a warm cuppa for afterwards! Really good event and would recommend it.


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