The Best Home Workouts

You don’t need the gym or equipment for these workouts, so you can do them at home as well as in the gym. They’re all designed to be amazing for all round muscle building and fat burning to get you in shape for your next event.

Try one a week or do when you fancy. Make a note of how you do and go back to compare your times for fun!

Death By Burpee Workout

An against the clock burpee workout to give you an all body blast!

Crura Workout

Can you spare 30 minutes this week? Plan this workout into your week to build on leg strength and boost your overall fitness.

Scala Workout

A fun quick workout to test the whole body that can be completed with no equipment. Don’t forget to log your time!

Cindy Workout

Workout of the Day – “Cindy” As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min: 1 Round: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats Finished? How many rounds did you make? Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Aeolus Legs Workout

3 rounds to fire the legs, build muscle and burn fat fast! Set the stopwatch and record your time on the leaderboard.

Erebus Darkness Workout

A dark and painful workout that will lead you to darkness! Post your scores to our Facebook page and share with friends. Good luck!

The Spartan 300 Workout

Are you as tough as a Spartan? Give this workout a go and get Spartan strong. Warning this will hurt!

10 by 10 Obstacle Race Workout

Army Sergeant of 9 years Steven Nodwell and obstacle run organiser, has given us an excellent workout to get you in shape and ready for racing!