Tough Mudder Kids ‘Mini Mudder’- South West

Badminton Estate

Obstacle Course
Saturday, August 18th, 2018
Muddy Beginner
1 mile

About this event

Tough Mudder presents Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder the 1 mile course is specifically designed for kids  over 1.1m (3.5 foot tall).

Obstacles include:

Hangin’ On, Hangin’ Out

Mini Mudder will need to let the monkey with in come alive as they try out varying levels of monkey bar technique.


Mini Mudders will pull themselves up using ropes and hand holds.

Tough Mudder Kids_8


Hay Bales

Tough Mudder Kids_7


Tunnels of Terror

Tough Mudder Kids_2

Don’t Get Slimed

Minin Mudders will try to keep the bucket steady to avoid getting splashed.

Tough Mudder Kids

Gooey Shoes

Mini Mudders will walk across a slimy, slippery surface and avoid slipping.

Tough Mudder Kids_6

Secret Agent Squeeze

Mini Mudders will feel like 007 as they slip through the cracks of this ‘laser’ maze with different traps on each lap.

Essential Information

Start Time
Chip Timing No
Terrain Trail
Min Age 7-14 years old years (at least 1.1 meters tall)

How To Enter This Event

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