Tough Mudder Scotland – Midlothian

Drumlanrig Castle and Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 2NA

Obstacle Course
Saturday, June 16th, 2018
10 - 12 miles

About this event

Scottish Tough Mudder lands at the Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July. You probably already know about Tough Mudder, they are the big boys in obstacle racing, expect a very large and well organised event, which is based in a beautiful location in Scotland this year.

The course

The course is approximately 12 miles long with around 26 obstacles along the way (that’s 3 a mile!) – this event really does separate the men from the boys! Serious training is needed for this, with a minimum 5 miles a week combined with some weight and circuit training.

Tough Mudder obstacles

The 26 obstacles include cargo nets, hay bales, 15ft drops into water, mud pits, freezing cold lakes, the famous quarter pipe, underwater tunnels, monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire in a mud pit plus much more!

  1. Ball Shrinker – traverse ropes stretched across a pond
  2. Berlin Walls – climb over walls made of wooden planks
  3. Boa Constrictor – crawl through dark tunnels
  4. Braveheart Charge – participants run down the mountain
  5. Cliff Hanger – a rocky climb up the top of the mountain
  6. Death March – steep climb up one of the ski slopes
  7. Devil’s Beard – crawl through low cargo nets
  8. Electroshock Therapy – run through live electric wires
  9. Fire Walker – Run through flaming bales of hay
  10. Funky Monkey – swing across monkey bars over cold water
  11. Greased Lightning – slide down a steep hill into the pond and swim back out
  12. Hold Your Wood – participants pick up and run with heavy wooden logs
  13. Jocks on the Rocks – jump into a pit of mud and ice
  14. Killa Gorilla – run up and down a steep hill ten times
  15. Kiss o’Mud – participants crawl on their bellies through mud under low wire
  16. School of Tough Knocks – climb up and over an old school bus with ropes stretched across it
  17. Swamp Stomp – run through deep mud
  18. Sweaty Yeti – scramble through snow
  19. Texas Smokehouse – run through a wooden structure filled with smoke and mud
  20. The Gauntlet – Go up a steep ski slope while being sprayed by high-pressure hoses
  21. Twinkle Toes – walk across a narrow board over a river or pond
  22. Underwater Tunnels – swim underneath barrels held on the surface of the water
  23. Walk the Plank – jump off planks into a pond
  24. Monster Chase – participants run after a monster truck for each start wave
  25. Chernobyl Jacuzzi – participants climb into and out of one of three lined dumpsters containing icy water and colored dye
  26. Hay Bale Pyramid/Texas Bale Bonds – Climb over mounds of straw
  27. Everest – run up a steep, slick ¼ pipe structure covered in oil
  28. Chain Gang – a hill approximately 30’ tall by which the participants are forced to create a human chain to ascend a steep muddy slope with a low sloped downgrade exit.
  29. Nature’s Pocket – descend into 25′ of underground tunnels
  30. Smoke Chute – Climb 15′ to a 5′ free fall into a 1/4 pipe slide

Essential Information

Start Time 8am
Chip Timing No
Terrain Trail
Min Age

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