The Mighty Deerstalker Night Run – Scotland

Traquair House, Peeblesshire, Scotland, EH44 6PW

Obstacle Course
Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
Fairly Tough
5km and 10km

About this event

Part of the Notorious Night Runs series with a 5k or 10k run. The race features numerous obstacles such as “The Rack”, “The Scree” and “The Tunnel” to push you to the edge.

Fancy dress is part of the fun, with tweed and tartan at the top of the what-to-wear list. When the gun goes off, a rampage of wool-wearing runners will storm along the tree lined avenues of Scotland’s oldest inhabited house, and towards the many challenges that await them.

Whether you sign up to the daylight 5k (and the rest) or the torchlit 10k (and then some), you’ll pit yourself against the landscape of the breathtaking Tweed Valley: followed by our Notorious after-party, with legendary live music and local hospitality, and a comfortable conclusion as you drift soundly away in our onsite camping area.

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Chip Timing Yes
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7 reviews for “The Mighty Deerstalker Night Run – Scotland

  1. Mud








    Overall, I would say the Mighty Deerstalker was a very atmospheric event due to its night-time setting, camping was fun and the party was a good laugh. The view of 2500 headtorches twinkling around the course was absolutely incredible!
    However, even although I entered the Mighty Deerstalker knowing that there would not be many obstacles, I was amazed at how few there actually were. I would say it was much more of a glorified trail run than an OCR. Apart from a few river wades I could count on one hand the number of obstacles in the race: if you are mad about obstacles I would think twice before entering this race.
    Also, if you are entering the event I would recommend getting a 1st or 2nd wave entry as I was stuck behind swathes of people and ended up queuing and walking for large stretches of the race due to narrow paths forcing runners to go single file.
    While I did have fun on the race I’m not certain I would race it again: I feel you can get more for your money at other events.

  2. Mud








    So…The Mighty Deerstalker. I chose to give this a go to make the most of my Rat Race season pass, I did a bit of reaseach and discovered that it was going to be a bit longer than the 10k advertised and was nearer 15k up two “hills”, they were mountains, definitely mountains!

    After a few people dropped out just two of us headed of the Edinburgh early Saturday morning (it would probably be best to give yourself more time, as doing Deerstalker on two hours sleep is not recommended).

    I decided to get fully unto the spirit of the ‘Stalker and the slogan “do it in tweed”. I raided eBay for a tweed jacket, hat and a pipe. This was to be the biggest mistake I would make. Scotland is cold, we all know Scotland is cold, nobody needs to tell us so I prepared for a cold race. What I didnt realise was how hot tweed would be.

    I honestly dont remember much of the race due to overheating so badly, I was all over the place, just following the guys in front hoping I could keep going, I was not taking off the tweed. The first hill was steep but it was a fairly simple journey to the top, although the route down was definitely not simple, it was single file and very steep. My choice to wear my irocks which didnt seem like a good idea on the way up, was suddenly vindicated. While everyone else was falling over and sliding down on their bum I was pretty stable underfoot.

    But the time we made it down I was so hot I was ready to give up and just do the half Stalker. I even stopped at the split point and said goodbye to the group I’d been running with only to change my mind and kick myself back into action. It’s a long way to travel to give up half way.

    Luckily for me there was a very long walk through a river between the two hills and while everyone else was complaining about the cold I was finally able to cool my body temperature down. Without this I dont think I would have finished.

    Hill 2 was not as high but it was twice as steep and was loose underfoot. Progress was slow but after a couple of stops for jelly babies we eventually made it to the top and worked our way back down. There’s not much to say about hill two apart from it has left me mentally scarred. Haha.

    Finally getting to the finish was a great moment, and being able to cross the line wearing tweed made it that little bit better.

    There werent many obstacles in this race maybe three of four and to be honest I felt they were a little unnecessary, the main obstacle is the terrain which was just brutal. Seeing all the lights from head torches making their way up and down a hill while you’re on the other hill was an amazing sight. Also, it was incredible how many people were lining the river and roads between the hills, there was so much support from the local villagers.

    After fully throwing myself into the Deerstalker experience, I would say it’s definitely a race that everyone needs to do, but maybe save the fancy dress until your second attempt. I finished saying never again, but maybe…I might just consider going back. The Tweed can sod off though.

    My rating doesnt look that good, but that’s because this isnt about mud or obstacles or fun etc it’s about the experience, and for that I’d give it 9/10.

  3. Mud








    My first deerstalker and what an event!! Mud, scree, river crossings, cargo nets, balancing poles, up hills, down hills, up again, swamps, abseiling, branches in the face! Such a big challenge but so glad I completed the full stalker!! Recommend to anyone just make sure you put in the training!!

  4. After almost 3km of going up hill it was a huge relief to finally make my way down! As we came back into the little village of Innerlaithen it felt like the whole village had come out to cheer on the racers. Streets were lined with smiling folk and kids dishing out jelly babies shouting encouragement.

    We dropped into the river and made our way up stream under a bridge, that again was adorned with crowds of smiling faces. The stones were like ice underfoot and you had to watch the footing.

    More muddy fields, down in the stream again, more mud and then I heard the music from the village. Under the cargo net and sprint up the rat race ramp and race over. A medal was put over my neck, a beer token in one hand and a Curly Wurly in the other hand.

    So my first Deerstalker! I say first because I will be back, it was tough all 14.99km of it, the hills where the toughest I have ever done and I have done some hills.

    My only concern is that it wasn’t marshalled enough, there were long stretches of running where no marshals could be seen. There were a few queues on the real steep climbs, but I was in the last wave so I am not going to complain about them and they were moving but if you want to race book early and go in the first wave.

  5. This race is a bit misleading as the actual distance (according to a few runners Garmins) was almost 17k. Also I found there was too much people for the narrow design of the course, you end up walking almost single file up and down the hill's meaning you cant get up much pace. I'm glad I did the once and it is a good event but doubt I'd go back again. 3/5 stars 🙂

  6. Fantastic race, definitely a challenging event and not even just for the beginner out there. Just to round it off, I managed a great wee 3rd place female, my excitement for the challenge is ‘BACK’.

    The slopes, I am obviously delirious writing this, and downhill sections were the highlight of the race. The one area that let the race down and this was a massive bone of contention amongst my group of friends racing, was the bottle neck at the top of the rope descent. I was lucky enough to have a short wait, but it was a bit cold with the breeze having been dooked in the water.

    Outstanding race, taken to another level in the 10k event. Helped along by great weather and great marshalls cheering you on at every point.


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