Tough Mudder To Launch Competitive 8hr Overnight Series

Tough Mudder has made a spectacular announcement by launching ‘Toughest Mudder’, an eight-hour, overnight competitive race across North America and the UK planned for Spring 2017.

Spartan Race Launch 26 mile Ultra Beast Marathon

Many people are familiar with Spartan Race, wether it be participating in an event or hearing about them through social media, their races a very popular and create a high level of interest; especially when it comes to completing the famous Trifecta Challenge.

But now… there is more.

Win A 30 Day Custom Meal Plan Worth £199

Food plans, meal preparation and above else, race day preparation can be the most difficult part about fitness. Fuelling your body with the right food at the right time, alongside your training can be a nightmare and is a time consuming process. Here’s one solution for you.

15 Must Do Insane Obstacles For Your Bucket List

After a head spinning, heart racing, adrenaline pump race? Say yes over and over again to the fear. Check out our Top 15 Insane Obstacles to know where to get your next fix from.

Ten Ways to Spot An Obstacle Racer in the Gym

Can you spot one of us outside of our habitat?

14 Reasons to Date an Obstacle Racer

Something you won’t see very often is a single Obstacle Racer. The majority seem to be happily enjoying the delights of monogamy, which seems to be an unusually large ratio compared to the general population. This must mean we are…

Best Shoes For Obstacle Races and Mud Runs

What do we want from a good Obstacle Racing shoe? Well we need two things – great grip and strong durability. We go through your options.