The Magical Moments of Man Vs Mountain

1,200 runners climbed over 1600m of elevation to conquer Snowdon. Here’s the best pics.

By Rob Foulkes
on 7th September 2015

It has now become an iconic event with participants growing each year Man vs Mountain takes runners from the foot of Snowdon at Caernarfon Castle. Runners then climb the highest mountain in Wales, for a 20 mile journey to its peak and back.

The long steep climb to the top totals over 1600m of elevation across the course with TV participant from Ultimate Hell Week on BBC David Hellard taking the first place for the males and Tracy McCartney representing the women.

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-15.jpg1624m of elevation awaited the runners

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-84.jpg1,200 runners were ready for 20 miles to the tip of Snowdon and back

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-334.jpgBurning legs from runners 

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-440.jpgThe event is a challenge not a race, with times ranging from 3 hours 30 mins to 9 hours 40 mins. 

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-110.jpgScenic views across the trails on the long steady hill climbs with a 5 mile road run to start before hitting the trails

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-352.jpg Proud selfies at the top

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-1060.jpgThe way down features an abseil from the railway bridge

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-1115.jpgAn obstacle zone at the end included water dips

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-1160.jpgA leap of faith featured during the descent 

cropped-rr-manvmtn2015-1291.jpg Not forgetting the slide

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