Yorkshire Warrior – Harrogate

Rudding Lane, Follifoot, Harrogate, HG3 1DQ

Obstacle Course
Saturday, April 21st, 2018
Fairly Tough
5 or 10 mile

About this event

Choose from 10 OR 5 tough miles across the Yorkshire countryside with hills, bogs, 200m river walk, 800m underground tunnel, fire, ice bath, barbed wire, electric fence, crawling, climbing, log carrying plus lots more!

Essential Information

Start Time 10am
Chip Timing Yes
Terrain Trail
Min Age 18+

How To Enter This Event

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5 reviews for “Yorkshire Warrior – Harrogate

  1. Team Beast had a fun time but have to say was disappointed with the course!! Advertised as wild waters and hardly any water involved until the lake!! And that finishing photo says it all hardly any mud in sight!! Think of you run it again next year you need to improve the course and the obstacles, as I would choose the normal Yorkshire warrior at rudding park over this one (same price, shorter course and obstacles no where near as good!!)

  2. Mud








    An entertaining enough 10mi run around Harrogate.

    This doesn’t claim to be a Mudder, so don’t expect to be caked from head to toe, but there’s enough obstacles, ponds, rivers etc to conquer to keep it interesting.

    It’s a pretty cheap event compared to others, and I don’t feel hard done to for what I paid, even though this is not close to a Tough Mudder, it costs a fraction of the price.

    The event had a decent enough atmosphere. There wasn’t the same camaraderie that I’ve enjoyed during other events, but I found the landscape pleasant, and suitably challenging to be tough enough.

    Most of the obstacles were a bit weak. I think I climbed over 5/6 wooden walls in the woods. There were other attempts at bigger obstacles that just didn’t quite cut it. The greased ramp with rope with good, the slide at the end was excellent, as was the timed uphill sprint at the end, and the railway tunnel was a great one (an ankle breaker if ever I experienced one!). The others just screamed of cheap and hastily constructed. Stepping over fire, which was just burnt embers, an ice pool dunk, which wasn’t very cold, and lots of randomly placed wooden walls, and cargo nets, just didn’t give it the same atmosphere that other events have.

    There were many concerns about water stops (or lack of), and medical assistance (or lack of), but as I didn’t require either, I cannot comment.

    This event is trying to challenge the Total Warrior, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder events, and may make it up there one day, but at the moment, it’s a cheaper and less impressive alternative.

  3. Seemed put together cheaply compared to other races. Not enough Marshalls, no first aid on the course and some areas of the course dangerous (eg glass, broken porcelain slabs!). Also not happy they deleted criticism off of their own Facebook rather than address it!


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