Rat Race Man Vs Lakes – Lake District

Silverdale. LA5 0UA

Trail Run
Saturday, July 21st, 2018
26.2 miles

About this event

Enter the lake District by striking out with an audacious and surreal crossing of the quicksands of Morecombe Bay, before heading North through mountainous counrty on a rollercoaster running route that brings you to the foot of England’s most famous Lake where you’ll face a series of challenges unique to Rat Race Events.

Essential Information

Start Time 9am
Chip Timing Yes
Terrain Trail
Min Age 18

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3 reviews for “Rat Race Man Vs Lakes – Lake District

  1. Mud








    Brilliant event – from the start on the sandy bay to the hills, the course never lets up. Hills are thrown at you the whole way, while the surrounding scenery is epic.
    Feeding stations came at the perfect moments and the marshalling and route signage was spot on.
    The floating obstacle course and rope swing were not only great fun but a nice respite from the brutal hills and testing course!
    A must-do race, don’t even think twice about signing up just do it! You’ll never forget the experience.

  2. An adventure marathon was how it was sold to us; a further challenge to the magnificent Man V Mountain held in Wales. It is going to be clear from the outset of this, that I loved this event! It was epic! Even the weekend surrounding it was epic. Starting in Morecambe Bay we ran across the sand and through the fast running water for miles. It was simply wonderful! I have no idea how they found the routes we ran. It was almost as if we were breaking new trails, yet they were all marked well.

    The obstacles were fun, light hearted. Inflatables and floating platforms. It was here; with pain and tiredness touching every part of me, I decided this was a fantastic race. I had been pushed and tested, but I had been smiling the whole way round. I had smiled and high fived marshals, thanked them. Run through beautiful scenery, amongst amazing athletes. This was an epic race!!

  3. This was such a hard race, I’m not the fittest but I do ok. I’m used to hills, trails and distance and I’ve done other bonkers rat races. But this??? Wow!!
    It started with a crossing of Morecombe bay, which was surreal and quite wonderful. Then straight in to what felt like the first of around one million hill climbs. The surroundings were beautiful, well I think they were. The weather was harsh making footing really slippy so looking up at your surroundings resulted in trips and stumbles. Lots of marshes, bogs and difficult tracks made it very tough underfoot.
    Water obstacles at the end were fun but I was mentally and physically in bits by that point. I had no joy left in me and was a complete misery wishing for the finish line to appear in front of me.
    It was well organised as you would expect from Rat Race. A few people missed markers and went the wrong way – easy to do when you can’t take your eyes off the floor.
    If you want bragging rights to the hardest marathon in the UK (I think in the history of all humanity) this is the one for you.


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