The Winter Wolf Run – Lutterworth (Sunday)

Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH

Obstacle Course
Sunday, November 4th, 2018
Muddy Beginner

About this event

The Wolf Run is Wild Running – a unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs. The only Wild Run in the UK, it’s a hardcore 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud. Running in a pack, or as a lone wolf, you’ll tackle a series of tough obstacles – both manmade and natural – designed to test your mental & physical strength, skill and stamina. You’ll run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and swim through a course designed to challenge you on every level.

Essential Information

Start Time 10am
Chip Timing No
Terrain Trail
Min Age

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One review for “The Winter Wolf Run – Lutterworth (Sunday)

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    The day started out much like any other OCR day in November only not quite as cold.
    For the first time a team were hitting an event all garbed in RunFlex clothing and looking good.
    Upon skidding into the parking lot it was clear that the previous days rain and event had taken its toll and more importantly had made this a potential hardcore sunday.
    We hit the warm up for the first wave and then were off… Anyone familiar with the Leicester Wolfie knows within 100 yards you’re into the water. So this was the first chance I had to truly test my new Icebugs sent to me from this very site for writing one of these little ditties (It could be you!!!)…
    The drainage issues I’d heard so much about didn’t seem any worse than my More Miles or Salomons so happy days.
    We chuntered our way through the woods taking on whatever was put in our path and then came the mud. Oh my word was there mud… Now I wouldn’t call myself an OCR veteran but I’ve done a few in the last couple of years. The Leicester Wolfie has always been up there for mud but with the previous days downpour I can honestly say this is the best mud on the circuit right now… Put this mud with JD’s obstacles and oh my lord!!!!
    Anywho. We hit the regulation hay bale obstacles more awesome mud infested woodland and the monkey bars… Having previously smashed them I was a little disappointed at myself for falling halfway across but it is what it is I guess… The water slide is still as epic as ever though I find the Leamington Spa slide a little faster but still one of the best out there…
    The more mud… Lots more mud. I think if they had added a tyre carry to the race I’d have sunk and needed rescuing.
    The swim sections weren’t all that but where the distance wasn’t there the cold certainly was.
    Then the double cargo nest and a short wade (and wash) as we crossed the line for the finish…
    The only real disappointment for me being that I couldn’t collect my Alpha Wolf tee for finishing all 4 Wolfies that year due to some logistical issue… Apart from that I’m really not sure why more people don’t hit the Wolfie…
    Come on in… the muds lovely!!!


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