5 Best Waterproof Head Torches For Running

The shorter days and winter nights don’t mean an end to your running. Whether it’s a night run once a week or entering some night runs here are the five best head torches that will withstand mud and water.

How Much Protein Do Obstacle Racers Need?

Regular training and racing takes it’s toll on our bodies, so we need to be taking on the right nutrients to rebuild. Ross Edgley, chief sports scientist at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ talks us through why we need to be looking at our protein..

Spartan Weekend – The End Of The Season

This weekend, thousands of warriors took part in the action when the world’s leading obstacle race, Reebok Spartan Race hosted its final races of the 2016 season at Windsor Great Park, Windsor.

The 10 Nuttiest Things About The Nuts Challenge

It was that time of year again for the Nuts Summer Challenge – possibly the muddiest obstacle course around, pushing nutters to their limits. Is the course as nutty as it sounds or is it all just fun and games? Laura Heywood took on the challenge….

Spartan Up And Take On Elton Hall, Peterborough

Reebok Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle course race, is challenging Peterborough residents to ‘Spartan Up’ and take on its gruelling races this September as it returns to Elton Hall.

Should Obstacle Course Racing Be In The Olympics?

Obstacle Course Racing seem to be getting more popular across the globe. From the more-often response of “Is it like a Tough Mudder?” we now vary into the response of “Oh like those Mud-Run type things?”. Personally, this development of recognition leaves me ecstatic, and with all the talk about the Olympics lately, a lot of people have been suggesting, we should be running for the same type of medals as Mo Farrah. But what do you think?

Tough Mudder To Launch Competitive 8hr Overnight Series

Tough Mudder has made a spectacular announcement by launching ‘Toughest Mudder’, an eight-hour, overnight competitive race across North America and the UK planned for Spring 2017.

Spartan Race Launch 26 mile Ultra Beast Marathon

Many people are familiar with Spartan Race, wether it be participating in an event or hearing about them through social media, their races a very popular and create a high level of interest; especially when it comes to completing the famous Trifecta Challenge.

But now… there is more.

Win A 30 Day Custom Meal Plan Worth £199

Food plans, meal preparation and above else, race day preparation can be the most difficult part about fitness. Fuelling your body with the right food at the right time, alongside your training can be a nightmare and is a time consuming process. Here’s one solution for you.

How To Avoid Heat Stroke When Running

We really do feel that although training for your event is important with the VERY HOT weather we have been having lately, we should remind everybody to protect themselves! The heat can cause a lot of problems when out running so please be careful!

The Top 10 Outrageous Outfits At A Mud Run

There is always one, or two, or the entire department from work at an OCR dressed up. You’re always bound to find these crazy people, who not only run the course, but do it, dressed in the strangest of forms.

For years, we have seen the outfits vary, from full-on pirate costumes, to a mankini (which is STILL NOT OKAY!). So we have put together our favourites in a countdown for you to enjoy too!

Top Tips For Spartan Race This Weekend

Here are a few top tips for you in order to prepare for Spartan this weekend. If you haven’t attended a Spartan Race before we strongly suggest you read ahead! If you have attended Spartan before, please remind yourself of the event! Have a great event everyone!

7 Reasons Why You Are Getting Value For Money In Your Obstacle Course Race

Any body know where I can get a discount code? – we’ve all heard it and at one point probably said it, I know I have! So when we go to pay for an event, what are we really paying for and are we getting our money worth?

We’ve looked at many different events and here are some of the reasons why we say YES you do get your money worth!

Why I Joined A Team And Why You Should Too

Before anybody starts reading this article I want to say, that the ‘teams’ or ‘communities’ within OCR are not like any other types of communities and team out there. They aren’t a closed off network, or just for the ‘elite’ there is always a group of OCR nutters out there for anybody. You may choose it because of location, training they provide, great discounts or just because you know a few people involved, but here is my journey and why I think you should become involved with a Team too.

Man vs Lakes Review – Brutal And Beautiful

Rat Race added a new event in their ever-expanding calendar, Man v Lakes. Promising to be the toughest marathon-distance adventure race in the country, over 800 people jumped at the chance to tackle this new challenge.

Bear Grylls’ 6 Tips To Surviving An Obstacle Race

When tackling an obstacle course you’re going to want to be prepared, check out 6 tips from the survival expert..

10 Thoughts You Go Through During A Race And How To Respond

Sometimes moving from that ‘Fun Runner’ to ‘Timed Race’ attitude can prove difficult. For all those wanting to get more serious in their training, we’ve cracked some common thoughts that you might have, and added in a Muddy Race response for you to remember and giggle at during the course.

What Welsh Football Players Make Up Your OCR Team?

After watching the Welsh National side over the past few weeks, we’ve realised a few of them represent our Race Day Stereotypes very well. Which player are you? Tag your stereo-typical team!

15 Must Do Insane Obstacles For Your Bucket List

After a head spinning, heart racing, adrenaline pump race? Say yes over and over again to the fear. Check out our Top 15 Insane Obstacles to know where to get your next fix from.

Monkey Bars Wars: Rat Race Take Nuclear Races Monkey Bars World Record

The World’s biggest obstacle race Rat Race Dirty Weekend has officially announced that their 130m monkey bars are now the longest in the world!