10 Uses For a Dryrobe Outdoor Changing Robe

DryRobes are the ultimate luxury essential. Sure they cost a few bob and if you only do one OCR a year they probably aren’t worth it, but for those of us having a multi race season, regularly sea swim or who train in all weathers they are less frivolous and more fantastic! Here’s why…

By Cat Denning
on 25th September 2015

The main problem is explaining to spouses and partners why a large personal tent made of waterproofed fleece is quite so essential. They’ve already had the discussion about shoes

Husband: “Can you sell some of these trainers? You’ve got 13 pairs. Some of them are duplicates!”

Me: “I need them. They are all for very specific uses. You would be very sad if I broke my ankle due to the wrong shoes”), the angst of your sportswear taking up an entire closet or chest of draws to itself

Husband: “Can I have one of these draws?”

Me: “No, that’s for base layers. You’d only squander the space with something less worthy like lightbulbs or tools”) and the discussion around the necessity of certain products that are a great deal easier to justify

Husband: “Why do you need four rolls of physio tape? Are you one of those hoarders from the telly?”). Luckily, the DryRobe is so versatile that it’s super easy to justify such a purchase…

What is a Dryrobe? It’s a fleece lined long coat that you can wear as a coat but mainly to quickly get changed in and dry off inside after an Obstacle Race, Surf, Triathlon or swim for example.

1. A portable changing room

An obvious one. The key feature of a DryRobe is that you can dry off and change without the whole world seeing your jangly bits, whichever variety you happen to have. It doesn’t get blown up by gusts of wind, or inappropriately open itself like a dressing gown. You don’t just have to use it like this for OCRs though. It is also great for trips to the beach (at home or abroad), changing after training sessions, putting your clothes on in the morning during a really cold winter while you get ready for work. You can even share it with your other half for double the value (disclaimer: not at the same time. You’d be a bit snug).

2. A dressing gown

What could be cosier after a shower than snuggling into your DryRobe? With the added plus that, as observed in point 1, you can get changed into your clothes while wearing it. No more of those miserable winter mornings trying to put your clothes on under the duvet with the electric blanket on. Which we all have done. Absolutely not just me.

3. A blanket

DryRobe is the Optimus Prime of blankets. Waterproof side down on grass or beach and you are ready to picnic. Fleece side down and you can warm your bed, protect furniture from muddy paws (or sticky hands) or to wrap round you and your one and only while you watch an outdoor screening of your fave film. Mmmm, snuggly.

4. Wet weather attire

Taking the dog for a walk or popping to the corner shop in the wet are never the most delightful things. They can be made slightly more delightful by wearing a raincoat which you can then use to dry yourself off after your walk. You can also turn up for work without the classic “my coat only came down to here” wet trouser look.

5. Fancy dress

Fancy dress costumes are such a waste of important race money. You buy it and wear it once. Well with a DryRobe, that can be a thing of the past. Will absolutely zero effort on your part you can be a vampire (not the daft sparkly kind, the kind that say “Blah”), the grim reaper, Emperor Palpatine, a ghost, a mad monk, a corpse in a body bag (just add a tag to your toe). If you put some compression wear on underneath you could be Batman.

6. Music festivals

Or any festivals. Being able to wear your sleeping bag which also doubles as a blanket/ raincoat/ snack repository/ alcohol hidey hole/ towel has many perks. Writer not responsible for how you smell at the end of the weekend.

7. A car protector

Nothing worse than going to the garden centre, out training in the wet or taking the pooch to the woods and realising that you have a mucky item/ person/ dog to go into the recently valeted car. Bin bags tend to be flimsy and shift around in an unhelpful way, but a dryrobe is a nice dense option which can just be shaken out and popped in the washing machine when you return home. Superb!

8. Sofa companion

Some days it is freezing cold, you have killer DOMS and you just want to sit on the sofa watching terrible films (Sharknado anyone?) while eating your body weight in doughnuts. Zip up the DryRobe and enjoy a truly decadent rest day (it has special pockets for snacks and the remote).

9. Hospital gown

“Bring your own robe” they say on all the letters when you go in for an xray, scan or operation (if you do OCRs regularly you probably get exceptional value from the NHS). If you are kept overnight you have a snuggly extra blanket. You can also get up and have a walk around the corridors without fear of wardrobe malfunction and guarantee with absolute certainty that the staff will definitely remember who you are without any need for your hospital number.

10. The Ultimate Baby Accessory

If you have recently procreated then you need a DryRobe in your life. It can be used as a privacy cover for feeding, a playmat, a floor covering for messy play, a changing mat, a privacy cover for small people going to toilet on the side of a busy A road (“Why didn’t you go before you left?”) and of course to lay baby out on after his bath before you dry him

We have a limited number in stock below – get them in before they sell out!