Editor’s Pick

Death By Burpee Workout

An against the clock burpee workout to give you an all body blast!

The Most Feared Obstacles at the World Championships

The baddest and most scary obstacles that frighten even the most experienced of obstacle racers at this years Obstacle Race World Championships.

OCRWC 2015 – The Top 10 Women Elite Predictions

Who will be crowned the female OCR World Champion? Read on to view the top contenders.

OCRWC 2015 – The Top 10 Men Elite Predictions

Who will be crowned 2015 World Champion? We go through the likely top 10 finishers.

Spartan Race Beast World Champs GoPro Video Lake Tahoe

What’s it like to run a Spartan Beast in America? And what’s it like to complete it in the World Championships? We travelled to Lake Tahoe in California just so we could bring you a video of the action! Starting…

How To Throw The Spartan Spear – Video Tutorial

Avoid burpees and hit the target first time with this Spear Throw tutorial from Michael Cohen at Wild Forest Gym!

Men’s Health Survival of The Fittest Launch New Obstacles

The team at Rat Race have been working on new exciting obstacles this year it seems with five new gigantic obstacles added to their course including a travelator and huge slide!


Q&A: Beginners Guide to Triathlon

Although OCR will always be my first love, and the reason that I even became remotely interested in getting fit and being healthy, this year will see me end up on a beach in Tenby taking on Ironman Wales and…

How to… Do The Monkey Bars Video

The archenemy of many, the monkey bars provide so much fun but can often be difficult to conquer. Monkey bars are all about relative strength to your body weight and having some technique. Some are harder than others – but…

New Members This Week!

Each week we’ll be posting new members who are now official members of Team Muddy Race by purchasing a green t-shirt!

Ten Ways to Spot An Obstacle Racer in the Gym

Can you spot one of us outside of our habitat?

5 Moves To Get Better At Jumping Walls

Here’s five essential workouts that will stop you from being the one that gets pushed over to the one that does the pushing.