People’s Choice Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Obstacle Race Shoe

We’ve all got a favourite shoe, the shoe that is grippy, supportive and comfortable. But what is yours?

Debates: Do you eat healthy or bad after an event?

Do you eat that burger, hot dog or pizza and enjoy that moment post event? Or do you keep it healthy?

Debate: Would you drink your own urine as an obstacle?

How far would you go to earn your medal?

Should The Event Distance Be As Advertised?

How strict should events be around the distance? Have you ever finished thinking ‘that was shorter than I thought’ – vote now!

Debate the best winter OCR clothing item – Neoprene, Merino or Polyester?

With this weekend of Nuts Challenge and The Suffering (a 7km lapped course full of cold water) an often debated question has been what to wear in the cold. Three Options: Neoprene – the material used for wetsuits, for cold…

Debate: Should Tough Mudder Keep The Finishers T-Shirt?

In a post this week on the Tough Mudder’s website they announced that 2015 finishers entering after February 1st will no longer receive a finishers t-shirt. Tough Mudder stated that after asking the community that Mudders felt that obstacles were…

Take Part In Our Running Poll

A recent article on the BBC via Sport England found that over 2 million of in the UK run at least once a week which is consistently growing.¬† So we had a thought to run our own poll to find…

How Should Obstacle Failure Be Treated?

Obstacle Racing is fun which is why we love it so much but an often debated subject is how obstacle failure should be treated. What do you think should be the penalty? Answer our poll below and then join in…

Have you ever cheated? Take part in our poll!

An often debated topic what do you think? Answer below and check the results! [poll id =11] [poll id =12] [poll id =13]

Long Obstacle Queues: Is it ok to bypass the queue to get to the front?

Some are quicker than others or are running solo, and others are taking a leisurely stroll along the course. But is it ok to skip past people in favour of time? [poll id=9]

What challenges you most? Cold Water or Heights?

[poll id=”8″]

How Do You Feel About Car Park Charges At Events?

We’ve all been there. You turn up at an event and they whack on a fee to park. Cash only they say added onto your entry fee. How do you feel about it? Your opinion counts! [poll id=”7″] View more…

Electrocution Obstacles Debate – Yes or No?

A popular debate but we’ve never actually seen a poll of opinions! [poll id=”6″]

Should Obstacle Races be in the Olympics?

It’s a hot topic and everyone’s talking about it. It sounds a bit serious but what do you think? Yes or No, it’s simple! [poll id=”4″]