Top 10 Best Obstacle Races

Want to know where to start when looking for your next race? Read our top list of muddy races!

Should Obstacle Course Racing Be In The Olympics?

Obstacle Course Racing seem to be getting more popular across the globe. From the more-often response of “Is it like a Tough Mudder?” we now vary into the response of “Oh like those Mud-Run type things?”. Personally, this development of recognition leaves me ecstatic, and with all the talk about the Olympics lately, a lot of people have been suggesting, we should be running for the same type of medals as Mo Farrah. But what do you think?

How To Avoid Heat Stroke When Running

We really do feel that although training for your event is important with the VERY HOT weather we have been having lately, we should remind everybody to protect themselves! The heat can cause a lot of problems when out running so please be careful!

The Top 10 Outrageous Outfits At A Mud Run

There is always one, or two, or the entire department from work at an OCR dressed up. You’re always bound to find these crazy people, who not only run the course, but do it, dressed in the strangest of forms.

For years, we have seen the outfits vary, from full-on pirate costumes, to a mankini (which is STILL NOT OKAY!). So we have put together our favourites in a countdown for you to enjoy too!

Top Tips For Spartan Race This Weekend

Here are a few top tips for you in order to prepare for Spartan this weekend. If you haven’t attended a Spartan Race before we strongly suggest you read ahead! If you have attended Spartan before, please remind yourself of the event! Have a great event everyone!

7 Reasons Why You Are Getting Value For Money In Your Obstacle Course Race

Any body know where I can get a discount code? – we’ve all heard it and at one point probably said it, I know I have! So when we go to pay for an event, what are we really paying for and are we getting our money worth?

We’ve looked at many different events and here are some of the reasons why we say YES you do get your money worth!

Why I Joined A Team And Why You Should Too

Before anybody starts reading this article I want to say, that the ‘teams’ or ‘communities’ within OCR are not like any other types of communities and team out there. They aren’t a closed off network, or just for the ‘elite’ there is always a group of OCR nutters out there for anybody. You may choose it because of location, training they provide, great discounts or just because you know a few people involved, but here is my journey and why I think you should become involved with a Team too.

10 Thoughts You Go Through During A Race And How To Respond

Sometimes moving from that ‘Fun Runner’ to ‘Timed Race’ attitude can prove difficult. For all those wanting to get more serious in their training, we’ve cracked some common thoughts that you might have, and added in a Muddy Race response for you to remember and giggle at during the course.

7 Signs That You Need New Running Shoes

We’ve noticed a lot of people are unsure on what to look for when it comes to shoe replacement. Some reasons are obvious, some you may have thought of, some you’d be surprised at! Tag your friend that needs a new pair!

15 Must Do Insane Obstacles For Your Bucket List

After a head spinning, heart racing, adrenaline pump race? Say yes over and over again to the fear. Check out our Top 15 Insane Obstacles to know where to get your next fix from.

How to Persuade Your Other Half to do an Obstacle Course

While it’s true that being in your own little world and training can be a rewarding solitary experience, there is something about an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) that just begs to be done with somebody else or even a group….

What It Means To Complete Tough Guy

Did you complete Tough Guy or thinking of doing it next year? Read on to see how Stephen felt after completing it.

4th at the World Championships – Conor Hancock Blog

Had quite a busy couple of months training and competing, also not making time for writing about my experiences. Recent races have been Spartan European championships in Slovakia, 7th place. UK Spartan beast down in Hastings, 1st place. Spartan world…

Rock Solid Race – Chip Timing Free Obstacle Loving Fun

If I’ve learned one thing in my years on this planet (and it’s questionable, but give me the benefit of the doubt) it’s that money is always better spent on experiences rather than “things”.


Q&A: Beginners Guide to Triathlon

Although OCR will always be my first love, and the reason that I even became remotely interested in getting fit and being healthy, this year will see me end up on a beach in Tenby taking on Ironman Wales and…

Why It’s OK To Run An Obstacle Race On Your Own

Most of us come to OCR as part of a team – whether it’s your bootcamp collectively signing up for a new challenge or being convinced to join up by that training buddy who’s always full of ‘good’ ideas.

A Beginner’s Journey Through OCR: Race Day At Dirty Dozen

After months of training the race day had come our newbie Laura had no chance to turn back now!

How you could qualify for the OCR World Championships

Could you ever think of qualifying for the big one? Here’s some tips on what you need to do in order to get your A game on and qualify.

In preparation: a beginner’s journey through OCR

In training for my first OCR!

What to Buy An Obstacle Mud Junkie At Christmas

So you’re married or partnered to an OCR or mud nut. Congratulations! What fine taste you have. It’s a wise choice – they make excellent pets: guaranteed top quality abs and guns to admire, a docile and compliant nature at…