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dryrobe short sleeve

Dryrobe Short Sleeve


dryrobe towel

Dryrobe Towel


Dryrobe Long Sleeve


Dryrobe was created by UK based surfer Gideon Bright with the first being sold online back in 2010. As a teenager surfing, getting changed in the cold was not fun and it was Gideon's mum who was handy with a sewing machine made the very first concepts of Dryrobe to help her son.

Years later, standing in a freezing cold car park in the rain with a soggy towel robe on he took he decided to take his idea better and intially set up in his garden shed developing a front zipping change robe that combined a warm towel lining with a waterproof and windproof protective outer layer.

Dryrobe has become a very familar sight especially amongst obstacle course racers and other outdoor sports to keep warm in the build up before the race or after a race to get warm and dry.


No. 1

dryrobe long sleeve

Dryrobe Long Sleeve

No. 2

dryrobe short sleeve

Dryrobe Short Sleeve

No. 4

dryrobe compression bag

Dryrobe Compression Bag



dryrobe long sleeve

The Dryrobe Long Sleeve is by far the warmest of all the Dryrobes - after all, it provides you with maximum coverage. Like all Dryrobes, you will benefit from a completely waterproof exterior, and a fleece lined inner, which will keep you dry and warm no matter how harsh the elements may get. This makes it ideal for those of us who find ourselves hanging around outside for long periods of time - whether that’s waiting to participate at sporting events, watching others taking part once you’ve already competed, taking your dog for a long walk in the rain or simply socialising with people after you’ve been out training. If you’re planning on spending a long time outdoors, it can comfortably fit over a thick fleece or coat, accommodating extra layers for increased heat retention. The long sleeves are perfectly paired with chunky velcro cuffs, meaning you can adjust them to fit your wrists perfectly and prevent any water from making its way up your sleeves. Perhaps one of the most useful features of this robe is its storage capacity. We all have personal belongings that we want to keep on us, and the Dryrobe caters to this need with multiple rainproof pockets. These include an A4 sized internal pocket for more significant belongings and a pocket that’s specially designed to hold your smartphone. The last pocket has an earphone opening, so you can still listen to your music while your phone is safely tucked away! Last but not least, fleece lined external pockets provide the perfect space to tuck your hands into for warmth. All in all, this Dryrobe is perfect for the winter months and those of us who can’t bear to face the cold!


dryrobe short sleeve
  • The Dryrobe Short Sleeve has been specifically designed for changing as quickly and efficiently as possible in public spaces. We’re all familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being soaking wet and muddy after a run and not wanting to get back into our cars in a state. With the Dryrobe Short Sleeve, you can conveniently get out of your running gear and into fresh, clean clothes with minimal hassle. The short sleeves will generally measure ¾ length or half length depending on the length of your arms and have a loose fit, so you can slip your arms in and out of them as you change. Alternatively, you could get out of your wet or muddy clothes and just head home in the Dryrobe itself. It’s purposefully oversized, so it will completely cover you. Like other Dryrobe products, it’s completely waterproof and has fleece lined inner, which can make it the perfect jacket while you warm up, train in adverse weather, or attend events spectating others. It also has the same pockets outlined in the review of the Dryrobe Long Sleeve above, meaning you can still keep all of your essential belongings on you with this style too!


dryrobe towel

Unlike the two previous items we’ve reviewed, the Dryrobe Towel isn’t created to be a jacket that you can wear for warmth or protection from the elements. However, it does serve its purpose very well. The Dryrobe Towel is mainly designed to dry you off while providing you with cover while you change. If you need to dry off after one of your runs or courses, you can pull the Dryrobe Towel on over your clothes, slip out of your clothes quickly and then use the towel to dry yourself off, without exposing yourself to others if you are in a public space. You can then also put clean and dry clothes on before going about the rest of your day. The towelling material itself is made from soft, Italian cotton, which dries quickly, meaning you’re not left lugging about a wet towel for the rest of the day. It also has a hood to help with drying your hair!


dryrobe compression bag

Of course, a Dryrobe Compression Bag isn’t going to be of much use to you unless you buy one of the above products, but if you do decide to invest in any of them, this can serve as the perfect accessory! Dryrobes can be a little bulky to carry around. The Dryrobe Compression Bag provides the ultimate solution to this problem. All you have to do is put your Dryrobe into the bag and then roll over the top. Next, clip the top in place, undo the valve and kneel on the bag to squash any excess air out. Finally, pull the compression straps on the bag tight and reseal the valve. You’ll find that you’ve compressed your Dryrobe and have a much simpler means of carrying it around. If you’re travelling anywhere where you might use your Dryrobe, this will help to save a lot of space in your suitcase, your bag, or your vehicle. On top of this, you needn’t worry about getting your Dryrobe wet while it’s inside the bag. Like other Dryrobe products, the Dryrobe Compression Bag is ultimately water resistant, and it also has sealed seams to keep any moisture out. This will also put your mind at rest, as you needn’t worry about your Dryrobe getting muddy either.



The Dryrobe is machine washable. However, we don’t recommend that you wash it regularly - try to keep washing to a minimum. When you do wash your Dryrobe, turn it inside out and wash at 40 degrees or below. Make sure to use non-bio washing powder and do not use any fabric conditioners. To dry your Dryrobe, hang it out or lay it flat. Do not tumble dry it or iron it, as heat exposure will impact the quality of the materials.


Choosing the right size Dryrobe is simple. You need to take your measurements and then follow the guidelines below.

XS - an extra small Dryrobe is designed for people of a height up to 4’5

  • S - small Dryrobes will fit people who measure between 4’5 and 5’2
  • M - the medium Dryrobe is ideal for people between 5’2 and 5’10
  • L - large Dryrobes will comfortably fit anyone between 5’8 and 6’3

XL - an extra large Dryrobe is designed for people between 5’10 and 6’8


Dryrobe have a wide variety of products in a wide range of sizes, catering to the majority of runners’ needs. While the idea behind their brand is relatively simple, they’ve used it to create high-quality products that can make a huge difference to any runner’s comfort and warmth when exposed to the elements and a lot of mud. If you’re looking for a lower cost way to dry off and get changed quickly simply, the Dryrobe Towel will probably suit you well enough. However, if you’re looking for something that is going to provide you with extra warmth, protection against rain and convenience in the form of pockets, the Dryrobe Long Sleeve or Dryrobe Short Sleeve should be something you seriously consider investing in. Sure, Dryrobe products may come with a higher price tag than many other brands, but you’re paying for quality and functionality. See your Dryrobe as an investment piece that will serve you well on your runs, hikes and trails going forward into the future! Just make sure that you always follow the care instructions and don’t overwash your Dryrobe. While the Dryrobe Compression Bag is by no means an essential, it is a nice add on that can prove pretty useful for those of us who head further afield to run or compete. It will make a sound investment for anyone who heads away from home a fair amount, or who doesn’t have somewhere to leave their Dryrobe while they run and needs to carry it with them at all times.




As an Amazon assoiciate we earn from qualifying purchases