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The UK’s Top 10 Obstacle Races

The UK’s Top 10 Obstacle Races

1. Mens Health Survival of the fittest – Nottingham

One of the first big events in the UK with around 3,000 competitors at each event. It’s a well organised event and very much in your face. The race is fairly tough at around 12km, but can get very busy at the obstacles so you can get held up. If you’re looking for a personal best then try to get in the early waves. The run features some great obstacles and really is a great race, including running through the steps of Nottingham Forest FC ground at the 8k mark, swimming across the River Trent, jumping through inflatable’s and the usual muddy assault course. It’s quite expensive at around £40 but you do get a nice t-shirt and some good freebies at the end. Well worth a go and perfect for your first adventure. They offer races across Nottingham, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Usually around September.

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2. Wild Thing – Derby

Part of the AAA adventure series the Wild Thing is certainly wild. Set in the Derby hilly countryside it includes a water slide running through a mud swamp and cross country running. There’s 2 laps of a 5k route, which make it extra hard but also enjoyable. The assault course half way and at the end really put you through you paces. They offer a early bird discount, which if you sign up for all 3 events you get one free, at just £20 each. Look out for Mad Monk and Water Wipeout too. A real test for all you adventure racers. Usually around September.

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3. Tough Guy

No adventure list would be complete without it. Love it or hate it, Tough Guy is one of the most famous adventure races and is very popular. It has around 25 obstacles in total along the wet muddy route. It’s is one of the more expensive and commercial races with thousands of entrants each year.

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4. Major Series

Described as smoke, water, obstacles, dirt, mud, hills and related to the British Military Fitness it certainly isn’t an easy contest. There’s three events to choose from in the North, South and Midlands all around £20 which is a bargain. With a varied course competitors make their way through muddy bogs, ditches, trenches, off road trails and hay stacks. Usually around October.

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5. Tough Mudder

They claim it’s the toughest event on the planet, we think they could be right with crawling, climbing, running and swimming all on the agenda. Originating from the US, it’s big and bold as you’d expect with 3 events planned for 2012 and 9 in 2013 this is going to be big! The events are 10 miles long and are probably the toughest in the races scene with most adventure races and assault courses around 10k. Check out the training video for some, errr, tips.. All in all this isnt for the faint hearted and I am slowly plucking up the courage to do it 2013.

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6. Spartan Race

The Spartan Races come in two forms; Spartan Sprint and Super Spartan. They claim to be the global leader of obstacle course events since 200. The Spartan Sprint are shorter obstacle races and usually around 3 miles long with 10 obstacles. The Super Spartan is 8 miles long and the ven longer Spartan Beast is at 10 -13 miles long.

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7. Total Warrior

Described as 10 miles of challenging off road running in the Lake District. These event is seriously tough will lots of hills and obstacles to overcome. There is also a 10km option.

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8. Mudrunner

The mudrunner events are great because they offer three events; cross country, a duathlon and an obstacle course. Known as the Icebreaker and The Classic. Oblivion’s the event for obstacles in late April and costs £27.50. If you’re into mountain biking the Icebreaker duathlon is worth a go which incorporates the Classic with a 20km bike ride!

9. Warrior Adrenaline Race – Bedfordshire

This is a new race for 2012 but we were invited to run the route last week and it certainly has the right to be in the top 10. The course is set on the very hilly Dunstable Downs which has 3 large steep hills to overcome as long as numerous obstacles along the way.

10.The Wolf Run

Based in Leamington Spa The WOLF Run is an innovative off-road 10K obstacle run that provides a unique mix of running trails through woodland, open ground and water, alongside a series of challenging natural and man-made obstacles to test strength, ingenuity and determination.

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  1. Sam Hinckley 23:53, Feb 23, 2012

    Did Spartan in Yorkshire last year loved it

  2. Christine 09:09, Feb 24, 2012

    Did Spartan last year in Cambridge. I’ve done most of them and this is the best! Most challenging, most fun – great atmosphere!

  3. David 15:48, Feb 24, 2012

    I competed in the top three races + the Spartan Race last year and there’s no comparison. The intensity and physical challenge of the Spartan Race was unmatched!

  4. Joe 19:07, Feb 24, 2012

    Done 3 Spartan Races now, was absolutely crazy fun, highly recommend it to anyone!

  5. james 21:41, Feb 24, 2012

    spartan race is the best by far, the intensity the exilleration and just the absolute fun.

  6. simon jones 17:35, Feb 25, 2012

    i did total warrior then york bham and london spartan races too me spartan race ruled by far in every way the whole set up they have at every event. THIS IS SPARTA!!!

  7. Paul 08:21, Mar 22, 2012

    I’ve done 4 tough guys, 1 Cambridge spartan, and the Nottingham rat race and to be honest the Winter tough guy knocks them all into a top hat for sheer difficulty. The fact that it’s at the end of January already puts their water obstacles into the “demanding” category for me. I didn’t think the Spartan was particularly hard and the obstacles were pretty spartan. TG all the way for me.

  8. Sparky 16:27, Apr 02, 2012

    I did 3 Spartans last year, the Nuneaton race was the most fun, the London the least (for me) did the Major South 2 weeks ago, long, steep hills and deep, deep mud but they obstacles were rudimentary, just ran The Reaper at Pippingford park last Sunday, excellent race, very “challenging” and superb woodland trails to run along with neverending hills, they are doing a day & night version in October near Tamworth, if you can get there then go have fun :-)

  9. Luke Trusselle 15:28, May 07, 2013

    Just completed Toughmudder – London North at the Weekend. It was my first obstacle course so looking for another challenge but it was pretty intense toward the end…

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