The UK’s Top 10 Obstacle Races

9 reviews for “The UK’s Top 10 Obstacle Races

  1. I did 3 Spartans last year, the Nuneaton race was the most fun, the London the least (for me) did the Major South 2 weeks ago, long, steep hills and deep, deep mud but they obstacles were rudimentary, just ran The Reaper at Pippingford park last Sunday, excellent race, very “challenging” and superb woodland trails to run along with neverending hills, they are doing a day & night version in October near Tamworth, if you can get there then go have fun :-)

  2. I’ve done 4 tough guys, 1 Cambridge spartan, and the Nottingham rat race and to be honest the Winter tough guy knocks them all into a top hat for sheer difficulty. The fact that it’s at the end of January already puts their water obstacles into the “demanding” category for me. I didn’t think the Spartan was particularly hard and the obstacles were pretty spartan. TG all the way for me.

  3. i did total warrior then york bham and london spartan races too me spartan race ruled by far in every way the whole set up they have at every event. THIS IS SPARTA!!!