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Quick Guide To The Hardest Obstacle and Mud Races for 2013

Quick Guide To The Hardest Obstacle and Mud Races for 2013

There’s plenty of Obstacle Races out there now and some are harder than others. So what makes them specifically tough – well mostly the distance and the number of obstacles and the ‘race’ element. Remember – we’re a community so please comment on what you think is the toughest!

Spartan Beastthe hardest of their series, this is a 12 mile obstacle race set in Kent.

Tough Mudder - probably the most well known of obstacle races out there and with three locations in the UK. Not a race but the obstacles are a challenge.

Tough Guy – run in January at the coldest time of year. The original obstacle race you will be hit by freezing cold water, ice, obstacles and lots of pain.

Nuts Challenge – 7km lap of 200 obstacles and multiply by four!

Rock Solid Race – 46 obstacles across a 10km course. Set in the Milton Keynes and Exeter

Rat Race Dirty Weekender – 20 miles long and lots of obstacles. The longest UK obstacle course?

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